Countdown To Change...Day 27

So, tonight was the second Presidential Debate, and I’ll be quite frank, I believe it was tacky, irresponsible and desperate. Let’s talk about some issues first. The two candidates clearly disagreed on many issues. As Americans we must look at the two candidates and think about who will tackle the economy, foreign policies, healthcare, education, and energy in the best interest of the United States of America.
On the economy, John McCain purposes a method that will buy up the bad home loans to strengthen the economy. Ok, aren’t we already doing that with this bailout situation that just happen a few days ago? On the same subject, Barack Obama says prosperity is NOT going to trickle down like McCain would like it to. He said wages and income have flat lined. He wants to create tax cuts for the 95% percent of American families who do not make $250,000 or more. He made it clear that if you do make $250,000 or more your taxes will not go up, they will stay the same. Doing this will allow for a more stable economy and not “tightening the belt on the school teacher making $35,000, and giving breaks for people who make much much more than that.."
On the subject of, healthcare, Obama says it is a RIGHT for Americans to have healthcare. He says if you have a plan you like, you can keep it. If you don’t have insurance then you will be able to get it at the same healthcare coverage that he and McCain have. With McCain he says it is a responsibility, not specifying whose responsibility it is, but he wants to give us a $5000 tax credit that he says is “refundable” and allowing us to go outside state lines to get coverage. Obama points out that the problem with that would be that states will choose a state will little to no regulations, and model their plans after that, which means that we would have holes in the insurance plans, that allow for an even more flawed medical care system that we have now. McCain didn’t even have a rebuttal to maybe clarify or to even say how his plan was better, because McCain’s healthcare plan can not stand up to Obama’s.
I actually could go on and on about how the two differ, because I took plenty of notes, however I want to slip my two cents in and write my commentary about this debate and talk about why I believe this debate was tacky, irresponsible and desperate. John McCain held all of those qualities. First of all, he had the same disdain for Barack Obama as he has had in their first debate. One would think that he would have analyzed his actions from that debate, and make some changes, but clearly that didn’t happen. Now, don’t get me wrong, if I felt like McCain held his own in this debate, then I would have said so, just as I did when the Palin Biden debate occurred and I said Palin held her own.

I don’t know what it is with McCain and Palin not answering question straight on. There was a question about what sacrifices he would make to better the economy and he started talking about earmarks. McCain just didn’t break through enough on this one to come out ahead. AND DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THE NAME CALLING TOWARDS OBAMA!!! Cronies? THAT ONE? What kind of person calls a Presidential Nominee “that one?” Are you serious McCain? First of all Obama is an African American, some people may not understand some names that we get called, but word selections such as “that one” trace back to when blacks were referred to as objects, not human beings. McCain may not have meant it that way, but his word selection shows desparation and that he may be all out of options. He didn’t even have the tack to address Obama as Senator or even just use his name! It goes back to a time when we were counted as 3/5 of a human being, back in the seventeen and eighteen hundreds. Anyone who is reading this, may say, “ you are picking out one or two things that McCain said instead of the issues,” well ill tell you this much, since I don’t want to be up all night writing about the flaws in McCain’s plan, ill send you a personal email that explains what I think of the issues.
Also, I want to say, that the little things do count as well. I think those phrases he used were those of a desperate, frustrated teenager who uses profanity when they don’t have the intelligence to use educated dialect. Also, when addressing a question that a young man asked in the audience, McCain said, “I’m sure you didn’t know who Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac were before today” Even if that were true, someone can not assume that kind of stuff out loud! He didn’t know who that young man was or where he was from. It’s condescending of him to assume that. And that was the tone McCain set throughout the whole debate.
No one wants to hear “tit for tat” politics right now, we need the issues and we need them to be clear and concise. That may have worked eight to ten years ago, but not in today’s time of need.
In the end, Obama’s whole agenda is to establish the connection between Bush and McCain, and he did that in a debonair manner, even when he could gotten on McCain’s level, he didn’t. McCain was just tacky, even his own party made the statement that it was “not good” for the McCain camp.


  1. itslikeigotaprivatejet said...

    i think this was well put. i think that your view on this weeks debate and that last two have been very clear and bi-partisan. i think you have been "fundametally" right on. i do have to agree with you on all points, but i think obama should have pulled out the polaroid of mccain and bush hugging, to deliver the knockout punch. i'm just tired of looking at john mccain blink a million times in one second, and i feel bad for laughing when he raises his arms; we all know he a true war vetern, and we thank him for his service, and thats where it stops. now please be clear, i have nothing agaist senior citizens, but shouldn't he be heading to luby's a big buick or cadillac, instead of trying to get into the white house, where his maverick ways aren't welcomed. well before my comments get out of line, ill stop. let me just say, i commend you on your clear expressions and i look forward to reading your views after the next debate. see you in Cancun!!!!!!!!