Just a little thought.... Day 24

All I want to say is desperate times call for desperate measures. As I’m watching the debates and the candidates on their campaign trail, I am noticing a lot of slander and dirty tactics from the McCain camp. Let me just be clear on my thoughts for a moment so I don’t seem bias. Listening to John McCain during his debates I think he genuinely believes that he can make a change and he is such a maverick taking on his own party and what not. I do not have a problem with John McCain; just his vision and views of how he wants to repair the current state of our country. I just don’t see why can’t he talk about the issues to express his views and try to prove that he is a better candidate?
Since I can remember, (which is about since 1994, when Clinton was in office) Republican's have always been selective about what they want to attack Democrats on. For example, when Clinton was in office, no one wanted to talk about how our economy was the best it had been in years, or how so many people were able to buy homes (the legit way), or how many jobs were created. They want to talk about how Clinton cheated on his wife with an intern, which showed no relevance on how he ran the country. Give me a politician, Democrat or Republican who don’t have some secrets. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do not condone the actions of Clinton; however the attacks on him are similar to the attacks being used on Obama. I don’t understand the William Ayres thing. I mean, Obama was like 8 years old when he Mr. Ayres was a radical. It’s not like this guy was Obama’s right hand man. My goodness, is this all they have to get Obama on? I guess so, because Obama is still leading in the polls, and it’s becoming crunch time for Mr. McCain. It’s so blatant that these tactics are solely being used to diminish Obama's creditability at a desperate time. The McCain camp is saying, “Ok, so we are not doing well on the economy issues. We can’t clearly get across to American, that we know what we are talking about, or that we want to help everyone and don’t have the special interest on the front of our brains. So we are going to find all the dirt that we can on Obama, so American will become sidetracked and believe Obama is not fit to serve our country."
Obviously McCain could take a few tips from Obama. Obama is not using slander to bring McCain down, McCain is bringing himself down. American DOES NOT WANT to hear mud slinging, we want RESOLUTIONS TO THE REAL ISSUES and Obama has those resolutions.