Countdown to Change...Day 32..

So as I promised, I watched the VP debates with my eyes glued to the screen, I even took notes!
What I found was that both candidates held their own that led to a successful debate, however, Joe Biden pulled out ahead in my opinion. This debate was more interesting than the Presidential Debates last week.
Sarah spent a lot of time trying to make up all the bad interviews she had. She strayed from issues, saying, "I want to go back to...” this and that and she didn’t answer the current questions about deregulation of Wall Street; our financial system and other questions. Palin does have charm and wit; however, that is not what we are seeking in a VP candidate in this evident time of need.
Joe stuck to his guns. He was uncharacteristically composed in this debate, however, he came with an agenda to expose John McCain’s weak attempt for change. He said McCain was "out of touch" when he talked about Obama exposing 2 years ago, that our housing market was headed down the drain, and McCain said one year ago that he was "surprised" that our housing market was suffering. Maybe that's beacuse he doesn't have to worry about the many homes he has, going into foreclosure??
Another highlight of the night, was when Palin was talking about how much of a Maverick McCain was, and Biden quickly shut all that down by saying McCain was not a Maverick on the real issues that society is concerned with, such as, education, the war, and even going against his own party. Biden calls McCain out by saying that he is no different than Bush on the MAJOR issues that America is concerned with.
Palin pointed out the finger pointing that Biden was doing, but it’s necessary to point out what was being done wrong in order to fix the problems. He wanted to convey how similar McCain and Bush really are, and by doing that he showed that McCain agrees with Bush on the issues that got America into the mess we are in today. By voting for McCain, we are headed down 4 MORE YEARS OF CHAOS!!!
On foreign policies, the fact that Obama wants to sit down and talk to our adversaries, is a far out notion to McCain and Palin. Biden pointed out that we need to sit down and talk with our enemies. He also stated that McCain has said many times that he will not even sit down with Spain! Spain are our ALLIES! They have troops over in Afghanistan just like we do fighting with us, NOT against us!!

I for one was so happy that Biden talked about McCain’s healthcare plan, after Palin said that, "a $5000 tax credit is going to be given to purchase their own health care coverage, this makes it affordable, and accessible." Biden said that under this plan, "the $5000 is going to classified under taxable income." So McCain is going to give us $5000 to help with healthcare coverage, but tax us on it like it is apart of our annual income. I don’t know about you, but I know for a fact that everyone WILL NOT use that money on healthcare. Rayquon and dem will be using that money to pay some bills, buy rims, all kinds of stuff. Not just Rayquon and dem, but people usually are not going to be thinking ahead about healthcare, when they get a lump sum of money like that. Giving the general public $5000 will not help any healthcare situations, especially if we are going to get taxed on it at the end of the year. It’s beyond me why McCain and Bush think that giving vouchers and checks are going to make things better? To me, that method is only pacifying America in hopes that we don’t see the real issues, or can see in terms of the long run.
It’s also beyond me, how the GOP’s can sit here and talk about how they are for the small businesses and for middle class America, when those characteristics are not of the Republican Party? They never have and never will be? They are for the rich and big businesses! That’s why I can’t understand why people who make way, way, way less than $250,000 a year are Republicans? That party is not out to help you, silly rabbits!!
When it comes down to it, Republicans are for the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Why do you think they are always talking about tax credits for big businesses and the wealthy percent of America? When the words “TAX CREDITS” come out of the mouths of Republicans, they are not talking about tax credits for me, or anyone else making less than $250,000 a year. In other words, that means, “How much money are you going to take out of my pockets and give to the poor.”
In the end, Biden did a great job backing Barack Obama, as a VP should, and attacking John McCain’s policies. While Palin, almost acted like she was the one running for President. I mean, who has a rally after their debate? Sarah went to her own rally like she had just accepted the nomination for President. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t even think McCain or Obama had rallies after thier own debates? And if they did, they are justified because they are running for President.


  1. South Loop Social Light said...

    Sarah Palin is a puppett...I'm glad to see that she was able to cram for the test and bullshit her way thru with a B- but I still am adamant that she should find a big ass pile of rocks and start kicking...and the fact that McCain said in his debate that his friend coined the term "gateway drug" well, damn! How old is he? lol...there's like a 1 in 4 chance that Sarah Palin could become the president and I'd much rather have her funnier twin, Tina Fey...because Sarah Palin is a sucker. :)