First off I would like to welcome myself back from a much needed break from my everyday life: WELCOME BACK ME! Now down to business! I just watched Barack Obama's 30 minute message to America, and need I say it was AMAZING! I actually really almost shed a tear. To know, that some people are trying to crush this man and his vision, is absolutely appalling to me. This afternoon I watched a youtube video of a McCain Rally and there were people there, some of which were democrats. One man was asked, “you are a democrat, why aren’t you voting for Obama?" The man said, "you don’t wanna know" the interviewer then said, "yes I do want to know sir" the other man then has the gaul to say, "because I would never vote for a black man" I really wish I knew how to add audio to my blog because I just feel like screaming to the top of my lungs in disgust and rage. Obama’s biggest obstacle in this race is not fighting the Republicans for the White House, it is apparent that he already has that in the bag. His biggest obstacle will be fighting ignorance. What does is race have to do with his vision for America? Why don’t people want a change? Our world is affected by the corruption, premature decision making, and greed that some American leaders have caused. Why wouldn’t anyone want to change that? It is beyond
Barack Obama's vision for our country is inspiring. I along with many many other Americans, feel that Obama has what it takes to makes the necessary steps that our country needs to get us back in the right direction.
All I heard Republicans talking about is who Barack associates with, that he is a terrorist, and that he himself has the same vision as Pres. Bush. All of those statements are totally false and are just tactics to deter voters from the real issues. People, listen to me when I tell you that you have to get out there and vote! The lines may be long, yet and still, we have to come together for change. If you can stand in line for a club, a concert, for the newest blockbuster hitting the screen, or for the newest game system, then you can stand in line for something that is FREE for one, and is going to make such an impact on the future of our country!! I’m so tired of people saying, "I don’t like either one, I’m still undecided" If I hear one more person say that, I may have to resort to violence and slap you in the face!! GET WITH THE PROGRAM!! SERIOUSLY! FIGURE IT OUT!! This is not a game!! Our children and their children's future depend on it!! Look up the facts, do all the research you can within the next 5 days to know who you want to vote for. I am going to go out on a limb and say, if you don’t feel that this election is important enough to vote, or if you feel that your vote doesn’t matter, then you are and idiot! I do understand the electoral vote process also, and just on the pure fact that some states that used to have all republican electoral votes and now are partially democrat, says that people are really yearning for a change. So to say that your vote doesn’t count is ridiculous!


  1. South Loop Social Light said...

    "If you can wait in line for the can wait in line to vote." Priceless! Loves it :)