Would Jesus Be A Conservative or Liberal??

Hello All,

I just wanted to get some of you guys opinion on something. Should pastors express their political views in their sermons? I go to a non denominational church. My pastor is spirit filled and on fire for Christ, as all pastors should be. I have learned from his sermons and have been moved to tears at times. However, there are some things he says that come off harsh and unsympathetic sometimes. For example, about a year ago, he taught a sermon about tithing and offerings, but it turned into him going off on people who show up to church late and that probably means that they pay their bills late also. While the part about tithing was received well, I don't know if the part about being late was taken the same way. He was sacractic and a bit unsympathetic. He tried to use a disclaimer of, "I know this may offend some people but...." I was a bit concerned about how the first time visitors would have taken it. Now lets skip all of the small things he says sometimes in the same harsh manner and fast forward to a few days before Obama was elected President. So my mom comes home from church (i was working this day) and tells me that our pastor, said that Obama was a monster for being Pro-Choice, and that "some people on the ballot want to punish you for making $250,000 or more." Now i was somewhat shocked at this because what does his political opinions have to do with whatever message he was teaching, and at the same time I wasn't too surprised because he says things that would make you gasp. I was put off by that because like all republicans or conservatives believe being Pro- Choice means you basically murder a child in the womb. Even if the case is rape, incest, or if the baby harming the mothers health, which to me is not fair for the government to regulate a woman's choice to abort a baby, especially under those conditions. OK so today was the last straw for me. Our pastor starts his sermon off telling us about the wonderful vacation him and his wife had celebrating their 25 years of marriage. He says he was across the world and saw just a 20 second clip of the events that happened here in Phoenix on this past Wednesday. So I'm thinking, "what happen here Wednesday?" Then I quickly said "Ohhhhh, Obama was here speaking, Oh Lord" because I knew he was about to say something yet again about Obama. So he says while he was all the way across the world he saw the footage of Obama and what he was talking about on Wednesday. He said it made him create his sermon for today. The title of the sermon was "How TO Survive In A Crisis Ridden World". So the lights in the church dim and they play a clip of Obamas speech, however its pieced together highlighting Obama saying the word "crisis". The clip shuts off and the pastor says, "while I was watching this I counted 29 times that the president said "crisis" what happen to this "HOPE" that we were to believe in. We need leaders who don't feed us fear" By this time there were some people in the church standing up and clapping, and some (such as myself and my mom) who were sitting down looking at each other like, "huh? what does he mean? Obama didn't create this crisis." He then goes on to say that we do not need to fear whats going on in this economy because we are not of this world, we are Gods children and God will pull us out of all adversity. OK, that is so true, however does that mean we are to be ignorant about the state of the society and economy we live in? I am a firm believer God will not put more on you than you can bear. And the reality is people are suffering right now. With Gods help, people will regain the stability they once had with their jobs, homes, and finances, but we can not be blind. My mom hit me on my leg as we are sitting down listening to him continue to preach and she says, "when someone comes to him for prayer because they lost their home/job, what is he going to tell them, there is no crisis and you didn't really lose your job/home?" So as we are just sitting there wondering how many times he himself has used the word "crisis" throughout his sermon, he goes on to say that he is not affiliated with any political party because parties only try to push their views on our country, he is a conservative, and all Christians should be conservative. I personally took that to be highly offensive. I am not a conservative. I am quite liberal in fact and for him to insinuate that because I am not a conservative I'm perhaps a bad Christian is absurd! And for him to say it that way was totally uncalled for. Why would a pastor want to offend people in his congregations? And if he was not affiliated with any policial party how come he has never, not once showed a video of George Bushs horrible decision making and all of his short comings!?!? Oh and I'm not done yet. He went on to say that the government was pimping us to live in fear! Yes yall he said pimping us!!! He said that we need to trust in God, instead of trusting in the government, God would never pimp us out!! I was just done at that point! Let me say, I do not want to know my pastors political view. I almost want to just say, "just teach the sermon man! and shut up, you don't know what you are talking about!!" Obama is not Pro-Choice because he is OK with women aborting their babies, its because he wants women to have a choice! Would Jesus be a conservative? Or a bit more liberal? I'm not comparing Obama to Jesus in anyway. What I am saying is that Jesus loved everyone. He understood people make mistakes, people can be forgiven. Also, he helped the poor and didn't want them to suffer and get poorer while the rich get richer. Personally, I don't think if Jesus would were alive today he would have been a conservative. Anyway, I'm pretty sure my mom will not be going back to that church, a church we have been going to for almost 4 years, and I probably wont either. Being there reminded me of watching CNN MSNBC Fox News and listening to conservatives skew facts about Obama! He is OUR PRESIDENT NOW! Get over it! Teach the word of God and that's it! Don't mix the word of God with your own views! He kind of reminded me of how the Pharisees and the Sadducee's acted in the Bible days. Taking the old rules and laws of the Bible to be so literal and mixing their own beliefs in to the Word of God to benefit them.