What's Beef?

Hello All,

Who else has seen the tomfoolery that is the “50 Cent/Rick Ross Beef” Its absolutely ridiculous. I mean are they in kindergarten? Really? Yall are just rappers! Yall are not apart of a mafia, or a gang. Does making music and tons and tons of money get so monotonous, that you have to resort to a, “Mommy he’s looking at me, make him stop” tantrum. These are grown a$$ men dawg! Get over it, make music and handle your business. Granted 50 will totally crush Rick Ross, I don’t like him. He’s makes unnecessary beef with people. However, all beef is unnecessary, this mess is just insane. Ill let you guys look at the videos, and be the judge.

The next one is 50 and Rick Ross's baby mama **BLANK STARES SIDE EYES AND CRICKETS IN THE BACKGROUND** JUST A HOT A$$ MESS!
I'm also thinking all that Gucci and fur does not even look right on hood type people. To me its like hanging a very expensive silk Gucci blouse on a wire hanger. Its just not right!

This last one is the most hilarious video ever... Enough said!


  1. South Loop Social Light said...

    I'm not going to watch these videos because I agree, it's absolute bullshit. If I was them and had some free time on my hand, I'd count my money.

    I wanted to let you know that I love the new layout! Very nice...very you! Good job.  

  2. Brothers Blog said...

    yeah I didn't watch the vids I'm at work but may check them later. But whenever you hear of a 50 cent beef just know that he has an album dropping not too long after that. He does it every time. I think last album he went at lil' wayne. It's nothing new. If it helps him sell a few 100k more cds it's good business.

    I don't like either of them really but definitely 50 if I had to choose.