Featured Artist... Robert Hodge

Okay, here it is! As I have said in my last blog, I’m going to be posting a lot of art, from artist to art work. I’m going to try to feature an artist, art pieces and other art work every week or as I find interesting things.
My first featured artist is Robert Hodge, out of my hometown of Houston, TX. A very talented young man, not following any one system, his paintings are eclectic and interesting. And, I’m not just saying that because I know him.
Robert Hodge has been creating; it seems like his entire lifetime.
Born in Houston, Texas he was educated in the public school systems
attending the High School for the Performing Visual Arts then going
off to Pratt and the Atlanta College of Art. Hodge returned to Texas
and continues exhibiting his creations in Houston. Last year he won the MFAH "Best of Show" and was awarded an individual grant with the Houston Arts Alliance. Hodge believes art is the ultimate communicator to people crossing barriers of color, class and location.


  1. Brothers Blog said...

    Thos are some hot painting he's got there.  

  2. Countdown To Change... said...

    I totally agree! Hes really on the job!  

  3. Eb the Celeb said...

    I love the 3rd one