After being at work all weekend, and dealing with so many different people that just piss me off, once again I was compelled to write about it, so here it goes.

First off, Hickeys! People walk into my job and have these black and blue blobs on all over their necks, and wearing them with pride! Why the hell do people flaunt the fact that someone just sucked on their necks to the point where the blood surfaces to the skin, making a horrible looking mark that only signifies that you are some sort of freak! I just don't get it!! Not to mention, its totally tacky! I mean how does one walk into a job, with 5 million hickeys covering their necks and expect to get hired?? Maybe its me, maybe they are considered art work? Maybe they are a territorial mark of love? Im baffled over the whole situation!! And quite frankly, repulsed! If anyone reading this flaunts hickeys, please, please, please, take my advice, and think twice before you let anyone suck on your necks to make a hickey!! Its nasty!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright moving on!

My next rant is over people with attitudes!

In my line of work I am subjected to having to listen to why people hate Sprint! Ok, I could really care less about how Sprint has raised your bill over and over again, because usually 8 times out of 10, its your fault! When you don't pay your bill, and wonder why your damn phone is cut off, don't come to me crying about how Sprint has screwed you! I will look at you crazy and simply tell you the balance on your bill! Lemme give all you guys who are quick to get an attitude with customer service. 1) having an attitude will not help us help you! No one responds to being yelled at, especially when we have never seen you before in our lives, and if someone runs into me with an attitude, best believe fun loving, goofy Jessica flies out the window and they will that same attitude given right back to them! Just because my shirt says Sprint, my name tag does not say "come F*@k with me"(excuse my french) don't think just because I work for sprint, you can talk to me any ol" way! Please, think again! 2.) why in the world would you have an attitude and wanna piss someone off who has so much information on you. These "attituders" do not know me! I could mess up a pretty big portion of your life with a click of a button. We have your address, your social security number, and your phone numbers. (I am saying this just to make a point, I am not saying that myself, or any other person at sprint has ever used those pieces of info to harm anyone,) this is exactly why I don't mess with anyone who handles my food, or my vital information! Because I don't know those people who are helping me, by being nice and patient, it will most likely exempt me from being attacked, if they just so happen to be that kind of person who would do such a thing as to steal your identity or place their pubic hairs in your food!! So people please, listen to me! Be nice, if you are having a hard time and need someones help, the last thing you wanna do is piss them off!! You will not get help! Especially from me!

Ahhh, I think I am done!

Oh wait!!!

Why do I have to work on Holidays? The 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day or the day before and after Christmas and Thanksgiving?? I have a family that I want to spend time with too! Retail is insane! Im sooo glad that I am going to school to be someone who does not have to work in retail my whole life! For some, retail and sales is all for them, but me, hell to the no! are retailers that heartless, that the dollar is more important than family?? And its ironic to me how the big wigs who make the rules on what holidays we are open, don't work themselves on those holidays!!! Matter of fact they most likely are off for 2 weeks surrounding the holidays! Like I wanna be at work on Christmas Eve, watching people get their last minute car chargers to stuff their freakin stockings with!!! Its a complete mess! And im just about done!!


  1. Ran said...

    Hahaha I def agrre with all three of these things!!!

    Hickeys: Just ghetto to me! I mean if your gonna get them, get them in an area that wont be seen in public or at work. Very unprofessional.

    Attitudes: yea dont have an attitude with the bill if you know you didnt pay it. its not the csr fault your phone is off, its YOURS!!! Just pay the dag on bill!!!

    Holidays: in my line of work i know i have to work on or around the holidays because im in the medical field, BUT, that doesnt mean since i dont have kids or im not married doesnt mean that i want to work EVERY holiday!?!?! I wanna spend time wit fam too!!!

    Great post momma!!!lol  

  2. Countdown To Change... said...

    HAHA! thanks girl! I know someone would feel my pain! LOL! Merry Christmas! : )  

  3. Nellz said...

    awwwwwww i feel you i hate when people walk around like that shit is cute..for one its not 1993 anymore....ugh and for the sprint damn i know u hear all types of shit with that and ur right we get mad someitmes and half the time its our nice spot...