I've Been Sleeping On A Secret!

Hello All,

This one is mainly for the ladies! But fellas feel free to pass this information on to the lovely ladies in your lives.

So, I went to the mall yesterday and did a little shopping for a girls night out that we are planning this Friday. I go to all the regular stores to find something cute to wear, and I never really pay attention to the people at the kiosk that are selling little nick knacks, travel packages, and imitation sunglasses. I'm usually walking by really fast or pretending to be on a phone call, just to avoid being stopped and swindled into buying something. So as we are leaving the mall a friend and I managed to avoid the salesman trying to get us to sign up for a travel package, we thought we were free and clear. NOPE! One of them got us! He steps in front of us as we are mid conversation, and kind of just surprises us. He says, "ladies, ladies, come for a min, I want to show you something" in his broken English western European accent. And I tell you, the only reason why i agreed to stop was because it was a makeup kiosk with maybe 85 different eye shadows. So as me and my friend are looking at what possibly he can show us with eye shadows he says, "whats your favorite color?" I say, "yellow" as I'm looking at the yellow shimmery eyeshadow he has before me. He says "OK, let me show you something" he grabs the yellow eye shadow and runs it across my hand with a q tip, its beautiful! Then he grabs another q tip and wets it, then puts the yellow eyeshadow on the wet end, he runs that across my hand in a different area, again its beautiful but when wet it looks like a darker yellow. So I say, "yeah, i remember being told by the people at the wonderful store Sephora that you can create different looks with your eyeshadow by wetting it". He says, "yes, but they tell you what else you can do" I then looked at him with a "what you talking about Willis" look and said "no". Do you know this man, took a clear fingernail polish and dipped it in a different color eyeshadow and painted his nail with the eyeshadow! In amazement I'm like "Whattt." So he then takes a clear lip gloss and mixes it with the eyeshadow and make a colored lip gloss from another color! When I tell yall I felt like I was in paradise, its an understatement! I was going crazy! I had no idea you could create a lip gloss and a fingernail polish and two different eyeshadow looks from one eyeshadow. So after im amazed, he tells me the price. He says the one is $14.95 and if i buy two the third is free. I'm thinking now like, "damn, i just spent money on clothes, i don't really wanna spend $30 more bucks on some eyeshadow, i mean its not MAC or Bare Essentials. He sees the look on my face that
I'm about to politely say no and keep moving. So he tells me, "you know, whats your favorite one, pick one." After 8 minutes looking for my favorite that i could get the most out of, because while yellow is my favorite color, I cant see myself wearing yellow lip gloss, and where would i wear yellow eyeshadow at? I end up picking this absolutely amazing fuchsia-ish color. Then he tells me, "for you, i will give this to you for $10 but you must tell your friends to come here and buy from me, my name is Dani." I hop at the $5 discount I get, and am sooooo very happy with my purchase, I feel like I just got the deal of the month!
I realize as i get home and going through my makeup bag that I have a powdered eyeshadow from Makeup Forever that I got from Sephora, and it literally will take forever to use it because you don't need a lot to get the job done. So I create a wonderful golden fingernail polish with it and loving it soooo much!
So ladies, let me finish with this. If you buy a powdered eyeshadow use it to its full extent! Nail polish/lip gloss/and glittery/matte finish eyeshadow. Yall will LOVE IT! And people, please humor me, if yall already know about this, dont shatter my new discovery! LOL!


  1. South Loop Social Light said...

    As you already know I tried this out last night! First, I used a gold polish as a base coat. (I wanted a dramatic color). Next, I used a short, blending eyeshadow brush and applied a gold Make-Up Forever eyeshadow pigment. After that dried, I went over it with another Make-Up Forever shadow pigment - - but a bronze/copper shade. I thought I gave it enough time to dry (like 10 mins) and then used a clear coat (OPI) to protect it. As soon as I put the brush on my nails the excess power I had on there got all funny looking. I was able to blend it but it did give my nails a textured look. I like the textured look so it didn't bug me out but it's not for everyone. I would definitely suggest making sure you don't use too much shadow! Otherwise, this is a great way to get the most out of your pigments.